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The Seer on Tour in the UK

SEER 5 web
For the last two weeks, Penn Dixie has been re-awakening and re-imagining¬†its production of The Seer on the Northeastern banks of England. After much hunting for milk crates and international travel our savage and irreverent comic-melodrama about the life of Arthur Rimbaud is beginning to take shape once more. We’ve painted the stage footprint (for our eventual space in Edinburgh) with charcoal across a jagged stone floor in a barn where swallows sometimes nest above our costume racks, and when Verlaine says the line “have you ever seen the sea so calm,” we literally look at the sea and marvel at its beauty.

In one week we must abandon this shambolic paradise to begin our run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – a less verdant chaos – but one we hope where an audience can be found.

So if you find yourself in Scotland next month, come out and see us,  and if not Рspread the word.