Monthly Archives: January 2015

Back from the battle. Tales from touring.


For those of you who have been to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and waded through the biblically proportioned program there – you know how difficult it is to stand out and build audiences amongst the some 3,000 plus other events going on there each summer. We arrived in Edinburgh on July 29th, a Fringe virgin and verifiable unknown. We survived 12 power outs on our opening night of The Seer, distributed 15,000 fliers (one person at a time) over 3 weeks, and 25 shows later were nominated “Best Ensemble” by The Stage. Boo-Yaa! Thank God, Rimbaud did not clock the front row with his milk crates on those last few rapid revolutions. Thank God we all made it through the run, and to quote one aggressively positive audience member that accosted us on the last night, “Thank God for this fucking show! I have been waiting for this fucking show all month!” Rimbaud might have famously killed his own imagination, but we are all mightily grateful that he gave us a reason to sustain our own for one more summer.