Monthly Archives: January 2015

Is it already February?


Well guys, the end of 2013 was so busy that I can barely differentiate between the beginning of this year and the end of last. What I do remember is there have been a dizzying amount of new collaborations.

It was my complete honor to direct The Bearded Ladies through a new work involving some rare mammals, and a compendium of epic Brecht poems.

There were also some bearded hijinks out at Swarthmore College where I’ve been directing a devised work based on the Three Musketeers with three valiant women, and one really swell guy who’s willing to put up with us putting him in skirts and wigs.

I got back on stage for the first time in a long time in LUCY, a devised work by Up & Down Theatre – which we all hope will be coming to a theatre near you soon (fingers crossed).

And then there was the opera. That’s right, I’ve been writing a little libretto. It’s about Alzeihmer’s and is based on some research and playtime the Philadelphia Opera initiated between composer Lembit Beecher (who is awesome!) and Pig Iron Theatre Company (who you probably already know is awesome!) (Alzeihmer’s is the opposite of awesome).

More about all of that soon. What I really want to tell you is that GEORGE & CO IS GOING TO ARGENTINA in April!! Or should I say Arkhkhkhentina? We’ve been awarded our first Global Connections grant from Theatre Communications Group (TCG) to travel to Buenos Aires and work on a new piece with LindaLinda, led by the indefatigable and sublime Natalia Chami and her partner in crime Romina Bulacio Sak. Estoy aprendiendo español. En realidad, sólo estoy usando google translate mucho … but it’s a start. I look forward to sending you updates from the Southern Hemisphere, and hope wherever you are in the world you are thriving. – Anisa (the red alien)