About Anisa George

About Anisa George In the beginning I generally avoid scripts, screenplays, or anything involving words on paper. Instead I like to write on my feet in 3D through questions, objects, improvisation, dance, and images. I collaborate with other artists much more talented than I am (thus the “Co”) to mash these elements into new aesthetics. I am part collaborator, part bomb thrower, sometimes drill sergeant, and always mid-wife. I have a tendency to amplify, to grotesque-ify. I have turned tables into giant sphincters, exploded balloon pregnancies, and seduced audience members into making out with my cast. I take pleasure in cross-breeding contradicting ideas and artistic disciplines, in digging into impenetrable messes of culture, history, and identity – scraping until I discover, until I hack something open. I generally begin from a state of crisis and unknowing. After crisis and unknowing, follows epic questions and epic failures. Failing and questioning is the most essential part of what I do.

Bio: Anisa George is the Founder and Artistic Director of George & Co. She grew up performing with her parents’ theater company, Touchstone Theater. In 2005 she graduated from Columbia University and was granted a Tow Fellowship to study theater in Iran. In 2008 she was granted the Jack Kent Cook Fellowship to pursue an MFA at the London International School of Performing Arts. Upon graduating in 2010, she founded George & Co (formerly Penn Dixie Productions) – a company dedicated to the creation of original theater and film. To date, she is the writer and director of several plays, documentaries and short films, including “Animal Animal Mammal Mine” (Philadelphia International Festival of Arts), “The Seer” (Nominated for Best Ensemble at the Edinburgh Fringe), and “Holden”. She was a 2014 TCG – Global Connections grant recipient and has worked as a writer and director in Philadelphia with such organizations as Pig Iron, Opera Philadelphia, The Bearded Ladies, Lightning Rod Special,  Red40 & The Last Groovement, and Swarthmore College.