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The Co is always in flux, expanding and contracting with the needs of each project. These are some of the unforgettable artists and institutions Anisa George has conspired with over the years.


Bill George
Jennie Gilrain
Petra Costa
Zachary Heinzerling
Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen
Natalia Chami
Alex Suha
Julia Correa
Gaidig Mercier
Klas Lagerlund
Hugh Grant-Peterkin
Madeline Charne
Cecilie Solberg Knudsrod
Max Gash
Janet Hollingsworth
Hannah de Keijzer
Kate Raines
Lindsay Browning
Peggy Pettitt
Martha Posner
Amy Rubin
Oona Curley
Marah Carpenter
Tom Deis
Vero López Olivera
Lembit Beecher
Jaime Maseda
Mark McCloughan
Matteo Scammell
Scott Sheppard
Alex Bechtel
Rebecca Kanach
Seth Reiser
Nick Benacerraf
Cem Ozdeniz
Ilse Zoerb
Rachel Hynes