Going Underground

Our whole team of artistic animals reunited today at Underground Arts to begin the final phase of development for our upcoming piece, Animal Animal Mammal Mine. We swung on the crossbeams of our awesome new set, designed by Amy Rubin, watched Martha Posner’s disembodied vaginas walk, buried presidents alive, climbed naked into gigantic nests, gave birth to televisions, and held hands with woven honeysuckle women. And this was only our first day back!

It’s time to pollinate the eyes and ears of all you lovely supporters with some buzz about this unique theatre experience. TICKETS ARE ON SALE.

Previews: April 10th -11th 7PM
Performances: April 12th – 13th 8PM
April 14th 3PM
April 16th – 20th 7PM

Location: Underground Arts,
1200 Callowhill Street,
Philadelphia PA 19147