JANUARY 26TH 2021: Don’t Knock Survival


DON’T KNOCK SURVIVAL: When I was a freshman in college, on the verge of dropping out, a professor trying to spur me on said, “Don’t worry, you’ll survive the year.”

“I don’t want to survive. I want to succeed.” I retorted earnestly, and he laughed. He was one of those old-school anthropologists who had spent a lot of time in Africa studying initiation ceremonies and I could tell he was pretty unimpressed by my freshman-level trials.

“Don’t knock survival,” he said, and thus concluded our office visit. This year these three words have been a kind of mantra for me. How about you? What’s kept you steady?

Mostly, I’ve been taking care of the two sweetums pictured up above; two real-world Looney Tunes that always have some mischief to attend to. I have to give a shout out to my intrepid co-parents Dan Rothenberg and Whitney Peeling who have accompanied me in dealing with the daily transition-wars and endless appeals for more candy while holding down full-time jobs. Only because of their next-level parenting skills have I managed to carve away a little space for some new creative endeavors I’d like to share with you now.

WRITING: I’ve been hammering away at some creative non-fiction and a few renegade poems. A couple of publications have been kind enough to even print a few pieces. I miss collaborative ensemble theater awfully some days, but I gotta say, writing in solitude has got some perks. Two of the three pieces are not online, but if you’re willing to invest in ye old printed word you can find them through these links…

The American Poetry Review: Vol 49 #5
The Iowa Review
Hopper Magazine

TEACHING: I’m offering a short course in The Ecological Theater through the School of Embodied Poetics: MARCH 24th-April 14th. The course will survey a broad range of artists from various artistic backgrounds who put the non-human world at the center of their practice.

I also continue to do Forest Therapy walks throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. At the moment walks are virtual, but we are hoping to return to ones that are in-person in the spring.

If you’ve made it this far here’s a song by the unsurpassable Bengsons to keep you going.