The faces you know and the ones you don’t.

Ola damas y caballeros! I wanted to let you know that today is my last day in Buenos Aires (for now). I was brought here along with my partner Dan à la Pig Iron, a couple of weeks ago by a generous Global Connections grant from the Theatre Communications Group, and have spent every day since rehearsing, teaching, and loving the theater community here. Y que rapido pasó! 

Do you know that in Buenos Aires shows often run only once a week, but can go on for ten or more years?! And that often a single venue will run three different shows in a night, so scenery has to be made to quickly set up and collapse in an hour – Edinburgh Fringe-style? Oh yeah, and even if the show has been running for seven years (take Tercer Cuerpo, by Teatro Timbre 4), it’s normal for the show to start at 11:30PM and the house is still totally packed. And people aren’t sipping cocktails. There’s no cancan at the end. This is gritty Steppenwolf stuff. Jealous? I am.

A small tribe of my co-graduates from the London International School of Arts have been great ambassadors to me here. Pablo Andrés López and Natalí Gaskins Rosado at Escuela International de Cabuia provided me with a home to work and teach. Nela Fortunato gave me a crash course on Argentine Spanish, and Arturo Gaskins, now founder of Circo Nacional de Puerto Rico, lead me to my first late night milonga. But it was the indefatigable Natalia Chami, co-director and founder of LindaLinda, who was my constant guide and muse. We’ve been cooking up something new and yet-to-be-defined, and it is not long I sense, before I will need to be reunited with the 60+ band of fearless artists who surround her in her unforgettable production of Usted Estas Aqui. May the Gods of theater make it so! – time to pack, Anisa