Without Words — Devising with Penn Dixie

We haven’t even opened yet and already it feels like Animal Animal Mammal Mine has lived so many lives. This week, just for the challenge, we will make a version without words. Will this piece ever stop growing and changing? I remind myself that the fish community which has joined us on stage (AAMM features live fish) has suffered 3 deaths, the birth of a new generation, and several subsequent infanticides. We visit the tank each morning wondering what could happen next?! Our theatrical adaptation seems easy in light of fish-related current events. We are excited to be alive and share our show with you. Come visit our tank at Underground Arts. The humans inside are utterly riveting. – Anisa

Previews: April 10th -11th 7PM
Performances: April 12th – 13th 8PM
April 14th 3PM
April 16th – 20th 7PM