mary and magda hamlet

Do the clouds sit heavy upon you? Do you harbor violent thoughts? Is that a skull you’re talking to? Mission Hamlet is no faithful recreation, but a live and unruly reconstruction of Shakespeare’s work. Armed with only an inky cloak and an iPhone, this Hamlet catapults outside the theater and uses live feed in the streets, to battle existential melancholy and political woe, while creating radical opportunities for civic participation.

Mission Hamlet was developed at FringeArts in Philadelphia in 2017 and had a work-in-progress run at The Under the Radar Festival, The Public Theater, NYC Jan 4th & 13th, 2018.

  • Conceived and Directed by Anisa George
  • Creator-Performers: Magda San Millan, Anisa George, Brett Robinson, Sam Kebede, Walter DeShields
  • Additional Contributing Creators: Trey Lyford, Vida Tayebati, Justin Jain, & Mary Tuomanen
  • Scenic Design: Amy Rubin
  • Video & Light Design: Christopher Ash
  • Costume Design: Jill Keys
  • Sound Design: Chris Sannino

HOLDEN is a tragicomic piece, plumbing a darker dimension of J.D. Salinger’s famous novel, The Catcher in the Rye. A few obsessive super-fans have taken up residence in Salinger’s private writing bunker. Unbeknownst to the reclusive author himself, their mission to get Salinger to publish once more spirals into a larger excavation of violence in America and the male imagination.

HOLDEN premiered at the Ice Factory Festival in NYC in August, 2015

  • Conceived, Written, and Directed by Anisa George
  • Creator-Performers: Jaime Maseda, Matteo Scammell, Scott Sheppard, Bill George, and Adele Goldader
  • Additional Contributing Creators: Mark McCloughan & Emilie Krause
  • Scenic Design: Nick Benacerraf
  • Sound Design: Alex Bechtel
  • Lighting Design: Seth Reiser
  • Costume Design: Rebecca Kanach
  • Props Design: Cem Ozdeniz
  • Dramaturge: Madeline Charne

Compelling ... the entire production holds you in a disturbing grip.

—The New York Times

Provocative ... a Sartre-esque purgatory.

—The Philadelphia Inquirer

Outstanding cast and direction ... we should all take heed of the timely messages ... masterfully delivered by George & Co.


Holden renders articulate what is too often wasted in mute violence.

—The Theatre Times

A story of historical reckoning, a violent punch ... Stunning.

—The Daily Beast

fascinating ... testosterone-fueled ... a pressure cooker of unresolved frustration ready to explode without warning.

—The Huffington Post
Matienzo Publicity Shot

A comic-melodrama about three lawless women sharing a flat in Buenos Aires (in Spanish).

Riobamba was created in collaboration with LindaLinda in Buenos Aires over two years. Our first work-in-progress showings were at El Estepario Teatro in December, 2014 and we premiered the work at Club Cultural Matienzo in April 2016.

  • Directed by Anisa George and Julia Correa
  • Creator-Performers: Natalia Chami, Verónica López Olivera and Agustina Villanueva
  • Voice Over: Ariel Mele
  • Additional Contributing Creators: Cecilia Madanes, Lydia Stevens
  • Scenic Design: Jimena Gaillour
  • Sound Design: Anisa George
  • Lighting Design: Nacho Sanchez
  • Costume Design: Graciana Urbani
  • Production: Silvana Velasco

Animal Animal Mammal Mine (2013) sets the timeline of a woman’s reproductive life against the time-line of climate change and the even longer timeline of animal evolution. It meshes theater, dance, and sculpture to explore fertility, ecology, transfiguration, animali-ty, and the fate of humankind.

  • Conceived, Written, and Directed by Anisa George
  • Creator-Performers: Hannah de Keijzer, Kate Raines, Lindsay Browning, Peggy Pettitt, Rachel Hynes
  • Sculpture: Martha Posner
  • Scenic Design: Amy Rubin
  • Sound Design: Tom Deis
  • Lighting Design: Oona Curley
  • Costume Design: Marah Carpenter


The intensity of the cast was spot on… George and her crew of co-creators worked miracles.

—The Philadelphia Inquirer

[Animal Animal Mammal Mine is] a perplexing and provocative work of beauty.

—Philadelphia Weekly


The Seer (2011) is a ‘dark heaven’ of dysfunctional comic-melodrama devised by an international ensemble about the infamous life and artistic suicide of Arthur Rimbaud. Babies bounce, absinthe flows, all is abracadabrasque.

  • Conceived, Written, and Directed by Anisa George
  • Creator-Performers: Natalia Chami, Alex Suha, Julia Correa, Gaidig Mercier, Klas Lagerlund, Hugh Grant-Peterkin
  • Additional Contributing Creators: Max Gash & Janet Hollingsworth
  • Scenic Design: Cecilie Solberg Knudsrod


★★★★★ As good as you can get.

—The New Current

[The Seer] cuts through ... with razor sharp wit.

—Three Weeks

Must See! Anisa George must be some kind of mega-genius… "The Seer" is that rare and wonderful thing: a highly original and frighteningly clever show that also happens to be hugely entertaining.

—The Stage

★★★★★ A glorious, potent and dangerous mix... thank goodness for "The Seer" it is what makes Edinburgh Fringe magical.

—The Edinburgh Guide

★★★★ [The Seer] cannot be unseen. Hilarious and clever, featuring truly spectacular absurdist performances.

—Broadway Baby

"The Seer" was masterful, a rare achievement. It opened up big questions about the act of creation and the act of destruction.

—Quinn Bauriedel
Pig Iron Theatre Company

This documentary film, completed in 2009, follows the conversion of one of the largest steel factories in America into a casino-entertainment center. It depicts a poetic and dystopian portrait of American industry and the city of Bethlehem, PA which was built around it.


A personal exploration of faith, identity and culture. Using dance and theater, Anisa George reenacts an unconventional religious upbringing and a solo-journey to the Islamic Republic of Iran to find the roots of her convictions.

Conceived, written, and performed by Anisa George

Directed by Jennie Gilrain

A true odyssey - brave and beautifully told. Foreigner smoothly balances humor and sorrow, and is as delicate and as complex as a cat's cradle.

—The Morning Call