Animal Animal Mammal Mine (2013) sets the timeline of a woman’s reproductive life against the time-line of climate change and the even longer timeline of animal evolution. It meshes theater, dance, and sculpture to explore fertility, ecology, transfiguration, animali-ty, and the fate of humankind.

  • Conceived, Written, and Directed by Anisa George
  • Creator-Performers: Hannah de Keijzer, Kate Raines, Lindsay Browning, Peggy Pettitt, Rachel Hynes
  • Sculpture: Martha Posner
  • Scenic Design: Amy Rubin
  • Sound Design: Tom Deis
  • Lighting Design: Oona Curley
  • Costume Design: Marah Carpenter


The intensity of the cast was spot on… George and her crew of co-creators worked miracles.

—The Philadelphia Inquirer

[Animal Animal Mammal Mine is] a perplexing and provocative work of beauty.

—Philadelphia Weekly