mary and magda hamlet


Do the clouds sit heavy upon you? Do you harbor violent thoughts? Is that a skull you’re talking to? Mission Hamlet is no faithful recreation, but a live and unruly reconstruction of Shakespeare’s work. Armed with only an inky cloak and an iPhone, this Hamlet catapults outside the theater and uses live feed in the streets, to battle existential melancholy and political woe, while creating radical opportunities for civic participation.

Mission Hamlet was developed at FringeArts in Philadelphia in 2017 and had a work-in-progress run at The Under the Radar Festival, The Public Theater, NYC Jan 4th & 13th, 2018.

  • Conceived and Directed by Anisa George
  • Creator-Performers: Magda San Millan, Anisa George, Brett Robinson, Sam Kebede, Walter DeShields
  • Additional Contributing Creators: Trey Lyford, Vida Tayebati, Justin Jain, & Mary Tuomanen
  • Scenic Design: Amy Rubin
  • Video & Light Design: Christopher Ash
  • Costume Design: Jill Keys
  • Sound Design: Chris Sannino