Matienzo Publicity Shot


A comic-melodrama about three lawless women sharing a flat in Buenos Aires (in Spanish).

Riobamba was created in collaboration with LindaLinda in Buenos Aires over two years. Our first work-in-progress showings were at El Estepario Teatro in December, 2014 and we premiered the work at Club Cultural Matienzo in April 2016.

  • Directed by Anisa George and Julia Correa
  • Creator-Performers: Natalia Chami, Verónica López Olivera and Agustina Villanueva
  • Voice Over: Ariel Mele
  • Additional Contributing Creators: Cecilia Madanes, Lydia Stevens
  • Scenic Design: Jimena Gaillour
  • Sound Design: Anisa George
  • Lighting Design: Nacho Sanchez
  • Costume Design: Graciana Urbani
  • Production: Silvana Velasco